• Short is Sexy, Sassy, Sweet, and Stylish

    Sexy pixie cutSweet short haircuts dentonPixie haircuts are some of the hottest hairstyles around this season. This edgy cut gives the overall look of a woman that is not afraid to take risks and rock-out with her hair.

    Paired with skinny jeans and some bold, red lipstick, you’ll fit in and stand out in Denton at the same time!

    Whether or not you’ve found the exact style that you’re looking for, visit your favorite salon in Denton and let us help you make the trendy hairstyle your own. We’ll work with the texture of your hair, your body type, and lifestyle to guarantee awesome results.

    So, you think you’re tough enough to take the plunge?

  • Avoid The Winter Hair Plague

    We’ve all experienced the torture of static in our hair and clothes. It’s a pain to deal with and can wreak havoc on our beautifully tailored hairstyles. Not to mention, it can physically hurt!

    So, what is this stuff anyway?

    Static hair often troubles us mostly during the dry winter months. Hair static can cause flyaway hair, making your strands stick out in all cardinal directions. This happens because your hair is literally charged with electricity.

    Static electricity occurs when two objects have different electrical charges. When objects are rubbed together, the electrons from one object can hop to the other, causing them to take on a positive or negative charge. Positively charged objects repel each other, so when your hair stands on end, that is due to a positive electrical charge transferred from another object, usually a hat or hair brush (we’re making your 8th grade science teacher so proud!).

    That’s cool, but what can I do about it?

    The constant flyaways and perpetual hat-head are enough to make you want to cut your hair off. But before you do anything drastic, try these simple DIY fixes to keep your hair static-free and looking good, even through the notoriously dry seasons and climates.

    1. Try using a regular dryer sheet to remove some of the static from your hair. Dryer sheets are coated in a fabric softener, which helps to weigh hair down and reduce static cling. Just section your hair off and run an unused dryer sheet over all portions of your hair, concentrating on the top. Throw a couple in your purse for fast fixes on the fly!

    2. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Look for ones that contain silicone, an ingredient that coats the hair and makes it heavier and shinier (and less likely to fly away). Do a weekly deep conditioning or hot oil treatment to infuse moisture into your hair, so it is less likely to be affected by static. Also, avoid showering and shampooing your hair more than once a day. Over-washing will dry out your hair, making it more susceptible to electrical charges.

    3. Switch from an aerosol hairspray at the end of your styling process to using a mousse or gel at the beginning. Most hairsprays are made with alcohol, an ingredient that is extremely drying and can contribute to your static hair problem. Not really sure what we’re talking about? Call our Twisted Heads product experts to educate you more on the type of hair products you’ll need.

    4. Don't brush or comb your hair more than necessary. Choose wooden styling tools rather than plastic. Resist wearing hats made from wool, polyester or acrylics. You can also try running a metal clothes hanger across your dry hair to absorb electrical currents. Placing a humidifier in your home can also create more moisture in the air and ultimately putting more moisture in your hair.

    So, it’s agreed: static is the worst but can be easily managed with these simple steps. Happy winter hairstyling!

  • About The Brazilian Blowout Process

    The Brazilian Blowout straightening treatment is s unique hairstyling service that Twisted Heads Salon provides in-house.

    If you have frizzy hair that’s difficult to manage, or has been damaged by straightening or chemical products, listen up.

    This treatment helps remove the need for daily straightening. The goal is wash and go hair that takes much less time to blow dry, is much easier to style, and eliminates the need for electric irons. Ultimately leaving you with plenty of time leftover to continue solving the world’s problems.


    Brazilian Blowout Before  Brazilian Blowout After

    Not to mention, this blowout method can actually improve the health of your hair. It strengthens your tresses by filling in the damaged cuticles with keratin, while bathing it in moisturizing and softening botanical extracts. It is effective on every type of hair.

    Here is a quick walk-through of what to expect from you hairstylist during the straightening treatment:

    1. Wash hair with clarifying shampoo

    Brazilian Blowout Step 2

    2. Apply keratin, in a similar way to applying hair color.

    Brazilian Blowout Step 2

    3. Blow-dry hair as normal

    Brazilian Blowout Step 3

    4. Flat-iron hair in very small sections to seal in the formula with extreme heat (450-degrees!)

    Brazilian Blowout Step 4

    5. Rinse hair and dry one more time.

    Brazilian Blowout Step 5

    From start to finish, the treatment will take approximately 90 minutes. Results will last between 6 weeks and 3 months with a first treatment and can last up to 4 months with continued applications.

    With all that said, is the Brazilian Blowout worth the time and the expense? Absolutely! The unanimous answer so far seems to be "yes" among those who have tried it and are totally satisfied with their shiny, manageable hair. Book your appointment today! Other than frizz, what do you have to lose?

  • Transformative Hair Ideas for Fall

    Let’s admit it, summer has been awesome, but we know how excited you are about pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, dark nail polish, and football season. Fall is here, and it’s one of the most exciting seasons of the year. Some of our favorite fall hairstyles and colors are floating around, and your head is the first place we want them to land.

    Fall Hairstyle

    We’ve seen lots of hair trends already (we’re even setting some of our own), but some of our favorites are always the dark hair colors that emerge. Rich chocolates and cool reds are the way to go this season. They’re a great way to kick those sun-kissed highlights to the curb and trade in for something more sophisticated. This doesn’t necessarily mean that light hair color goes into hibernation dur

    ing the cold months – you can have a lot of fun with blonde too. Whether Betty or Veronica, make sure you find a color that makes you love your hair.

    Some other fall hair trends are literally popping up on top of our heads. Buns are back, and are a great way to create a classy look with very little maintenance. Dress them down with a light scarf and knee-high boots, or up with a high-waisted skirt and red lipstick. Whichever you fancy, we know you’ll look great!

    Bangs are also rockin’ they’re way back in. Whether they’re full, square, rounded, or just sweep to the side, bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes. If you’re looking for a modern hairstyle, this is definitely the way to go.

    And for those afraid of commitment, try something as simple as parting your hair a different way than you normally do. Be creative! Braids and hair accessories are also a fabulous way to spice up your life. They’ll make you look great without the fear of a total hair transformation.

    Whatever you decide to work with this fall, don’t feel like you’re in it alone. Come talk to our talented stylists. Going anywhere in Denton other than Twisted Heads Salon would be “so last season”.

  • Hair Homework

    We’ve established that we’re going to take care of all your hair needs, however, we have to admit that we can’t hold your hand and keep your hair safe whenever we are apart. Our job is important, but proper hair care begins at home. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep you looking your best in between salon visits.  

     1. Cut it out

    We know things get busy, but be sure to schedule an appointment at least once every two months. We need a little TLC from you, and so do your split ends. Cutting your hair often keeps it neat and healthy looking. The longer you wait, the more susceptible your hair becomes to breakage, split ends, and to appearing thinner. If you color or highlight your hair, it is even more likely to have damage. Regular haircuts will help keep your hair strong and healthy.

    2. An apple a day keeps the doctor split ends away

    Recent studies have shown that eating a well-balanced diet is the key to growing a healthy head of hair that is shiny and easy to care for. To be healthy, hair needs a combination of nutrients. Minerals such as iron, magnesium, selenium, copper and vitamins D & E all contribute to hair health. These minerals work together to make important proteins that promote hair growth.  

    Not only is it important to eat a healthy diet for many reasons, it can also be disheartening to know that poor eating habits can lead to hair loss. We think bald is beautiful, however, it may be slightly alarming when unintended.  

    3. Play defense

    If you're blow-drying and flat ironing every day, your hair is taking a beating.

    Instead of styling with heat, try to embrace your natural texture. This look is in, and so is healthy hair. Stylish buns, ponytails, or even a simple braid can spice up your look while giving your hair a well-deserved break.

    In a similar way that sunscreen protects your skin from the sun, styling products are equally important in shielding your hair from the damaging tools you use on it.  Using a serum or heat protectant can create a barrier and save the day for your distressed locks.

    As you can see, it doesn’t take a genius to follow these simple guidelines for at-home hair health. Leave the big projects to us, but don’t forget to do your homework.

  • Back to school with a new 'do

    The leaves are falling, the air is changing, and you can't get within a mile radius of Wal-Mart - yes, you guessed it, school is back in session.

    From Kindergarteners to college students, Denton is buzzing with excitement. Excitement to see old friends, learn new things, and for a promising new school year. Last year is history and all that's ahead is a fresh, clean slate.

    One of the best ways to embark on this new start is to update your look, and the perfect place to start is your hair. For most us, the hairstyle that we sport is one of the most unique ways to showcase our personality. Especially in college, when meeting new people, your hair can be one of the first things that others notice about you. Trendy hair can also be a great confidence booster, because when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

    Another reason to visit the salon at the conclusion of summer is to do something about those annoying split ends. Summer is fun, but it comes with a cost. Chlorine, lake water, and the sun can wreak havoc on your poor hair and strip it of vital nutrients. Not to mention, summertime has probably kept you fairly busy and those roots are creeping back in and setting up residence in your hairline. As a rule of thumb, you should get your hair cut and colored every couple of months to keep it looking healthy.

    Whether it’s a root touch-up, or a total hair transformation, add a visit to Twisted Heads Salon to your checklist of things to do for this school year. Our Denton hair professionals can’t promise you good grades, but we can certainly make you turn heads.

  • Hair Color 911

    “My hair turned orange—help!” The words of sheer panic race through your head as you stare at your unrecognizable reflection in the mirror. The box said “soft auburn” but has somehow turned your golden locks into a hideous, unnatural orange.  It’s a mess and it’s one thing to be upset about it, but it’s a whole different ballgame to be upset and have bad hair. 

    Corrective Color Service DentonWe’ve seen this scenario too many times – you’re in need of a quick root touch-up or are looking for a total hair transformation, so you try and save a buck or two by opting for a cheap coloring job out of a box. Remember that those color boxes are cheap because they use low grade ingredients like damaging metallics. More often than not, your hair adventure can quickly turn into a hair disaster and may leave you seriously contemplating ever leaving the house again.

    Now what? First of all, take a chill pill and remember the words of your Mother: “it’s just hair.”

    It’s not the end of the world, but with our corrective color services, it is going to be the end of that horrendous hair color. Remember this to help calm you and keep you from taking any drastic measures (like buying an over-the-counter color stripper, or even worse, scrounging around for the scissors).

    Call us instead. Our seasoned hair professionals are equipped to doctor you up and nurse your hair back to health.  Not only will our stylists undo the damage, they’ll make it look ten times better than any drugstore hair color ever could.  Our team specializes in corrective color, and specialty hair color techniques that will be like a breath of fresh air to the catastrophe sitting on top of your head. 

    Of course we are biased that Twisted Heads is the best hair salon in Denton—but we guarantee no one will say the best haircuts and color can be found at Walgreens! At Twisted Heads Salon, we understand that great hair can rank as high as your closest family members on your list of important things in life, so trust us to take care of your hairstyle. 

    And keep us on speed dial, just in case.

  • Is now the time to try a crazy new hairstyle?

    New Hairstyles DentonWe’re seeing some adventurous hair trends lately, especially in Denton. College students tend to be early adopters of out-of-the-box hairstyles like asymmetrical cuts, hombre hair color, and new texturizing techniques. Clock it 12 months later, and soccer moms and hip office workers alike start looking for ways to incorporate edgy hair trends into their more conservative styles.

    So how do you know if you’re ready to take a risk with your hair? Our experienced hair stylists and colorists will consult with you before every service to make sure the hairstyle you envision will work well with your lifestyle, but here are a few pointers to get started as you consider a new hairdo:

    The first rule applies to everyone: Be cautious about switching up your hairstyle during a major change in your life. While hair has the potential to completely change how you feel about yourself, remember that hair dressers work with scissors and brushes, not magic wands! We will always try our hardest to make you look your best, but sometimes it’s a good idea to hold off on major changes until your life is well balanced.

    In college? Have a casual job? Do it!—Youth is the time to explore the world within safe boundaries, and hair is the perfect outlet to show intense personality in a totally temporary way. Shave it, color it—whatever. You’re only young once, and your hair will grow out to take on a new hairstyle once again.

    The SAHM—Stay at home moms have some freedom to experiment with hairstyles, but this still is a very personal decision. Some moms rock and they know it: your wardrobe is grunge chic, you bare your tattoos with pride, and your hair is a banner of your confident coolness. Go ahead and embrace your inhibitions—be liberal with your hairstyle and conservative with your kids. If you’re the type to worry about what the PTA might think, consider working an edgy detail into a conservative style. An asymmetrical cut is less extreme on a shorter style, and a single panel to add a pop of hair color won’t ruffle too many hen’s feathers.

    The Professional—Professionals should use discretion when trying a new hairstyle. The extent to which you can push the style meter varies according to industry. Traditional, conservative careers come with the expectation of classic styles. On the flip side, professional artists, for example, can get away with almost anything. Most of us are somewhere in the middle: we can sneak in a hint of hipster with micro bangs or a pinch of punk with a single streak of complimentary color. Remember that high style is a signal of success, so pushing your hairstyle shows that you keep current both professionally and personally.

    The Wiser—Perhaps your wisdom suggests you should stick to your usual style. Well just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Talk to our stylists about putting a modern twist on your classic look, or consider a shorter style that can be daring and beautifully striking! Many hair pros at Twisted Heads Salon in Denton have perfected the updated classic style to keep our clients looking fresh.

    Everyone’s doing it—Sorry, you’ve missed the boat. Forget the biggest hair trend happening now, and start your own! Sure, you’re confident enough to pull off the look, but why chase a hair fad when you can lead a new trend? We have some very creative stylists ready to customize a new look just for you!

    We hope these hairstyle tips have inspired you. Make your appointment at Twisted Heads Salon now to see your vision become reality! 

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