Back to school with a new 'do

The leaves are falling, the air is changing, and you can't get within a mile radius of Wal-Mart - yes, you guessed it, school is back in session.

From Kindergarteners to college students, Denton is buzzing with excitement. Excitement to see old friends, learn new things, and for a promising new school year. Last year is history and all that's ahead is a fresh, clean slate.

One of the best ways to embark on this new start is to update your look, and the perfect place to start is your hair. For most us, the hairstyle that we sport is one of the most unique ways to showcase our personality. Especially in college, when meeting new people, your hair can be one of the first things that others notice about you. Trendy hair can also be a great confidence booster, because when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside.

Another reason to visit the salon at the conclusion of summer is to do something about those annoying split ends. Summer is fun, but it comes with a cost. Chlorine, lake water, and the sun can wreak havoc on your poor hair and strip it of vital nutrients. Not to mention, summertime has probably kept you fairly busy and those roots are creeping back in and setting up residence in your hairline. As a rule of thumb, you should get your hair cut and colored every couple of months to keep it looking healthy.

Whether it’s a root touch-up, or a total hair transformation, add a visit to Twisted Heads Salon to your checklist of things to do for this school year. Our Denton hair professionals can’t promise you good grades, but we can certainly make you turn heads.


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