Is now the time to try a crazy new hairstyle?

New Hairstyles DentonWe’re seeing some adventurous hair trends lately, especially in Denton. College students tend to be early adopters of out-of-the-box hairstyles like asymmetrical cuts, hombre hair color, and new texturizing techniques. Clock it 12 months later, and soccer moms and hip office workers alike start looking for ways to incorporate edgy hair trends into their more conservative styles.

So how do you know if you’re ready to take a risk with your hair? Our experienced hair stylists and colorists will consult with you before every service to make sure the hairstyle you envision will work well with your lifestyle, but here are a few pointers to get started as you consider a new hairdo:

The first rule applies to everyone: Be cautious about switching up your hairstyle during a major change in your life. While hair has the potential to completely change how you feel about yourself, remember that hair dressers work with scissors and brushes, not magic wands! We will always try our hardest to make you look your best, but sometimes it’s a good idea to hold off on major changes until your life is well balanced.

In college? Have a casual job? Do it!—Youth is the time to explore the world within safe boundaries, and hair is the perfect outlet to show intense personality in a totally temporary way. Shave it, color it—whatever. You’re only young once, and your hair will grow out to take on a new hairstyle once again.

The SAHM—Stay at home moms have some freedom to experiment with hairstyles, but this still is a very personal decision. Some moms rock and they know it: your wardrobe is grunge chic, you bare your tattoos with pride, and your hair is a banner of your confident coolness. Go ahead and embrace your inhibitions—be liberal with your hairstyle and conservative with your kids. If you’re the type to worry about what the PTA might think, consider working an edgy detail into a conservative style. An asymmetrical cut is less extreme on a shorter style, and a single panel to add a pop of hair color won’t ruffle too many hen’s feathers.

The Professional—Professionals should use discretion when trying a new hairstyle. The extent to which you can push the style meter varies according to industry. Traditional, conservative careers come with the expectation of classic styles. On the flip side, professional artists, for example, can get away with almost anything. Most of us are somewhere in the middle: we can sneak in a hint of hipster with micro bangs or a pinch of punk with a single streak of complimentary color. Remember that high style is a signal of success, so pushing your hairstyle shows that you keep current both professionally and personally.

The Wiser—Perhaps your wisdom suggests you should stick to your usual style. Well just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean you have to be boring! Talk to our stylists about putting a modern twist on your classic look, or consider a shorter style that can be daring and beautifully striking! Many hair pros at Twisted Heads Salon in Denton have perfected the updated classic style to keep our clients looking fresh.

Everyone’s doing it—Sorry, you’ve missed the boat. Forget the biggest hair trend happening now, and start your own! Sure, you’re confident enough to pull off the look, but why chase a hair fad when you can lead a new trend? We have some very creative stylists ready to customize a new look just for you!

We hope these hairstyle tips have inspired you. Make your appointment at Twisted Heads Salon now to see your vision become reality! 


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